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180T-RMT -- Pressurized Twist Reverse

180T-RMT -- Pressurized Twist Reverse

Twist Pressurized Model with Reversed Cabinet

The 180T-RMT Electro Freeze soft serve machine was specially designed for self-service locations, allowing crew members to load mix into the refrigerated cabinet from the back, reducing front-of-the-house congestion. The pressurized, 2-flavor twist freezer is perfect for self-service, high-volume yogurt, custard and gelato shops that require ease of product dispensing.  Call today for pricing and if having any questions.

  • Freezing Cylinder Size Two 3.7 quarts

  • Voltage 208/230

  • Motor Two 2HP

  • Compressor 12,000 Btuh

Electro Freeze 180T-RMT - Pressurized Twist Reverse
  • Weight:752 lbs

  • Freezer Dimensions 

  • Depth:36-3/8"

  • Width:24"

  • Height:65-11/16" Air Cooled and
    66-5/16" Water Cooled

  • Mix Cabinet Dimensions 

  • Depth:15.5"

  • Width:20.6"

  • Height:26.69"

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