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MilkShake Equipment

Milkshake Equipment

At profit margins of up to 85 percent, a shake machine from Electro Freeze will increase customer traffic by tempting them with tasty shakes.

Choose from models that meet a variety of needs.  Compact design, high capacity,  built-in flavor injection and more. Whatever model you choose, you can count on superior profitability, exceptional durability and easy maintenance,  as well as the excellent service that comes from Ice Machines Ohio on Electro Freeze equipment.

Electro Freeze CS700 - Gravity Countertop Shake
Electro Freeze CS705 - Flavor Injected Shake Freezer
77WS - Gravity Shake Freezer
Electro Freeze 78RMT - Pressurized Shake Freezer
15-78RMT - Shake/Soft Serve Combo
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