1. Location

3. Menu Creation & Planning

Let us share the best practices from our most sucessful customers. We've assisted with menu creation numerous times. So allow us to provide suggestions and direction.

5. Finding Suppliers

Call us first if ever needing any Electro Freeze supplies or other items.  We distribute and have relationship with many vendors that your likely going to need assitance with.

2. Floor Plan/Drawings

4. Staff & Menu Training

Location...location...location is everything in this business, much like the real estate industry.  If you can create an excellent, consistent, unique product then customers will flock to any location.  Contact us today for advise.  We've assisted with location selection with hundreds of business owners since 1988.

Our design team will assist with any ideas and dreams you may have.  This is a vital way before opening the doors for any business.  Contact us today for assistance.

Any new Electro Freeze purchase includes staff training.  Ask us how we can help.  We're very accessible and want to help with your staff training.

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